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Dozer operators operate crawler-tractors to clear and level land on construction sites. They also may smooth and perfect final land grades in jobsite finishing work.

Finishing Dozer operators are responsible for fine tuning behind a bulker dozer, they usually have years of experience as a dozer operator.

Grader operators spread and level earth and plow snow in the winter by controlling the height and angle of grader blades. To level surfaces to a specified grade, they make successive passes over the working area, watching reference stakes, level gauges or the hand signals of other workers.

Backhoe operators use a variety of attachments to dig trenches, load heavy materials.

Front-end Loader operators operate mobile machines with buckets on the front for picking up heavy loads of earth, rock, sand, gravel or snow and dumping it into piles, excavations or trucks.

Scraper operators scrape, load and haul earth on construction sites to be used for leveling sites, hauling for roads and building berms on location.

Rock Truck drivers transport materials within a site, remove contaminated materials away from site.

Packer operators operate a packer with a vibrating drum or with a large blade on the front of the packer depending on what is needed for the packing job on that particular site. Every site and type of soil is different.

Truck drivers are responsible for the re-location of heavy equipment in a safe, productive, and effective manner. The truck driver is also responsible for cleaning, maintaining and securing all equipment as directed by legislation, policies, and procedures.

Laborers are responsible for completing various jobs in a safe, productive, and effective manner. The labourer must complete these tasks as directed by legislation, policies and procedures.