Reclamation and Remediation




Precision Contractors’ highly experienced operators have the skills and abilities to provide exceptional reclamation and remediation services. This core group of operators sis second to none with what they are able to accomplish operating our fleet of modern equipment. In addition to their experience we have a full fleet of heavy equipment specially used during the reclamation process.

– Front Wheel Assist Agriculture Tractors and the necessary attachments for reclamation
– Harrows
– Horse Joker Speed Disc that provides light discing and harrowing in one pass
– Roto Spic attachments
– Para Tiller 3 Point Hitch Attachments
– 3 Point Hitch seeding attachments
– Loader Buckets
– End Dump Trailers for hauling material as required
– Allu Buckets for remediation of contaminated soils